Tuesday, October 14, 2008

let sleeping pigs lie

well Logics training for her BZH hunting test is going quite well....I even managed to locate some Wild Boar urine when I made a short visit to Moravia last week.....it will be very helpful for her to learn to track the boar scent....something we are a bit short of in Devon!!
Last week saw me working back in CZ again....near the Polish border, and the nature of the work was such that if I managed to get 3 hours sleep a night, i was lucky! On my return I just wanted to crash out on the sofa...but someone (ie Tennant) decided that if mummy was on the sofa then he wanted to be there too! Since getting home the red stags are rutting and the roaring outside the bedroom windows all night is almost insufferable......so it looks like a few more sleepless nights yet!

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