Thursday, November 20, 2008


Bloodhound puppies grow at an alarming rate and these guys are no exception.
Theres one boy who is a bit smaller and his thuggish sisters are always pushing him off the milk supply so I decided to top him up a little with Royal Canin puppy milk. He loves it and its really made a difference to his daily weight gain. However when some friends came over yesterday and saw I was busy "messing" with puppies they offered to make us all a coffee.......I thought it tasted a bit odd but said nothing. After they left I realised they had used the jug of RC puppy milk !!!
Its fantastic not to have to work/pick up a camera for a few weeks but I have had so many emails wanting to see pix of the little guys that I had to take a few last night...heres my favourites! As you can see, Logic is taking to motherhood with her usual calm attitude and snored her way through most of the photo shoot!

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