Sunday, February 15, 2009

home at last

A couple of weeks before Christmas one of our ferrets went missing....she was a new girl that I had bought for andrews birthday, and somehow she managed to escape from our ferret court. We searched around about for days but never managed to find her. Every now and then something odd would a pheasant or a woodcock that was hanging in the cold room would go missing....then the neighbouring farm had 3 chickens killed inside their locked chicken shed.....but we never had so much as a glimpse of her.
Then tonight I heard a commotion in the yard and went out to find Vivid with a dead rabbit in her mouth.....this rabbit (shot earlier today) had been hung in a locked cold room just an hour earlier so it was a complete mystery how she had got it out and shut the door behind her!!
Anyway a few moments ago Andrew went down to the cold room, heard a noise in the shadows, and there she was...."Miss ferret"!!! it must have been her that took the rabbit out of the cold room and dragged it under the door, where Vivid managed to get hold of it. How she has kept warm in all the snow, avoided being eaten by our hounds or the farm dogs, and not been run over, is a complete mystery. she seemed quite pleased to be picked up and cuddled as you can see in this quick snap of her a minute after she was safely brought in from the cold.

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