Thursday, April 2, 2009


Like the proverbial Cobblers children....I never seem to get "show" pix of my own hounds unless I get a colleague to do some at a show for me!
I took C&C along to a small open show last weekend, where I was working, just so they could take in the dogs and the people and the show atmosphere. They really enjoyed all the attention and the sunshine, but best of all our dear friend John was there with his trusty camera, and he took some pix of the babies for me, with me standing them. Thanks John!
(Candle top and Cinnamon bottom) Cinnamon unfortunately was transfixed by where her sister was going without her, and so has her ears up high.......but not to worry!

1 comment:

  1. just gorgeous......look at the bone, length, quality.....we just cant wait to get our pup from you at the end of the year.....Kate and Robert (Canada)