Saturday, May 30, 2009

The week gets better and better!

I was away for a few days working at Royal bath and West show, and when I unpacked my tent, I discovered that the last time it was used and packed away....someone..... who will remain nameless, left a half pint of milk inside, and it had grown into a wonderful cheesy culture enveloping most of the inner sections of the tent! I spent 3 nights camping in the van instead!!!
Then on the last day of the show I cricked my neck and have been in agony ever since, unable to drive or walk, and struggling from one chair to another. To top it all, Drizzle managed to knock the latch on one of the ferrets houses, and unknown to us they escaped....suddenly we heard the most awful screeching and discovered one ferret with its leg caught in a trap we had set for the rats. Andrew tried to release the trap but its a fenn trap and very powerful and not easy to release. I held the ferret but then the hounds came to see what all the noise was about so I moved her away from their noses, and she took advantage of the new position by latching onto Andrews hand. So now theres a screeching ferret (you wouldnt believe how loud!), Andrew swearing, the hounds all jostling for a front row view, and me trying to prise its jaws apart with a teaspoon! Eventually the only option was to whack her on the nose with a spoon and shock her into releasing Andrews hand...this seemed to work and we got the trap of her leg and after a few hours she seems fine. The other ferret is still at large somewhere which in itself presents a problem because last time we had an escapee, she went over to the farm nextdoor and killed their hens. That was 6 months ago and guess what....yesterday they went out and bought new ones, so now we are just awaiting a phone call and a bill for more chickens!
On to bloodhound news, if anyone enjoys the breed calenders that are produced in the USA each year, you may be pleased to finally see some European hounds, with nice furnishings and bone are appearing in the 2010 ones. Cythar, Basnicky and Tarnish are all starring in glorious full colour!!

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