Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unbelievable day

what a fantastic day we had at the Bloodhound Club Championship show.
over 70 bloodhounds entered, and Logic won the bitch CC and best in Show. Farlap Basnicky (from my last litter) won Dog CC and res BIS. Farlap Candle won best puppy bitch and was a real star.
it was also great to have Farlap Crofter and his family come along.....I think they deserved a medal because Andy flew in from Saudi just to attend the show with their pup, and then went back the same night!!!
The fantastic day was marred by a really unpleasanty incident in the carpark where an aggressive bitch grabbed hold of one of the puppies lip and bit right through, and such behaviour is not acceptable in a hound in my opinion (and that of several other people who saw the incident). One has to ask what sort of hound would intentionally attack a 6 month old puppy? I am sure we will hear more about this soon.