Saturday, March 6, 2010

weight watchers

The pups are growing so fast now that they have outgrown the scales!
Today was another milestone, in that they had the "pig rails" safety bars removed from their bed, the front of the bed removed, and the freedom of the puppy room was theirs for the taking!
it also means that finally I get to slepp in my own bed, after a month on the camp bed next to them.They made the most of it by running about for 20 minutes like mad excited puppies....then crashed out in a big heap snoring their heads off.
This morning at 5am George and grace managed to climb out of the puppy bed, onto my duvet, and arrived licking my face, so pleased to see me. As im completely crocked up right now, and cant lift them or even get myself out of bed unaided, it was impossible to get them back into their bed, so I put them under the duvet and they both went straight to sleep. When Andrew came in at 7am to "get me up", he found 2 puppies and me all snoring in the same bed!!
Ive not managed to get any photo s of them this week as I cant walk upright, let alone lift a camera.....luckily some potential puppy owners came for a visit today and took a couple of pix for me.....this one is Gerty on her 1st exploration of the kitchen......and I cant believe how much she looks like her father.

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