Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunshine makes a difference

What a difference a bit of sunny weather makes! The puppies seem to have grown so much, both mentally and physically in the last week after being able to spend lovely sunny afternoons playing in the garden and exploring their out door surroundings.
We have had a clear week of puppy visitors which has meant Ive managed to catch up with some house hold chores that Ive been putting off for so long....namely decorating! Im now contemplating calling the Farrow and Ball helpline to ask how long it takes for their yellow masonry paint to come off a bloodhounds coat......if my liver girl looks slightly yellow at Crufts you will know why!!!
I heard a really horrendous story of late.....someone sold a puppy to people who didnt seem to have a clue about the breed or its rather difficult requirements. Poor little mite was a nervous wreck, not helped by the owners going out to work and leaving him in a crate during the day.He was terrified of all and sundry and eventually started fear biting. the breeders response on asking for some help was "none of the others are like it so you must have caused the problem"
I really despair at times when I hear these reports ......what sort of people sell to such novice owners, let alone ones who are out to work in the daytime and leaving a puppy at home alone.

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