Wednesday, June 8, 2011


technically there really is a bloodhound in the photo, you just have to look a bit harder! Having just one surving pheasant chick, we felt a bit sorry for him/her, so decided to pop one of the puppies toys in and see what happened.....chick is now completely obsessd by it and thinks it is its mother!! I hope that he/she doesnt think the same about the real bloodhounds or there could be a disaster!
Its been an eventful couple of weeks since I last wrote the blog. Sadly we lost our Czech hound Cythar after a brave struggle on his part. His character really took over when he arrived in 2007 so hes greatly missed: although Bas has now appointed himself "King Pin" in his absence.
We went to the club Championship show at the weekend, and although not very successful in the ring (Gerty won her class, but Bas and Candle each came 3rd in theirs), it was great to meet up with "Miss Bliss" (farlap Blissful), whom we havent seen since she left us at 8 weeks old, and she had some fun with her brother Baffle. Also saw Gracey again, who improves each time we see her......rather like michaels handling :))

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