Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Totally Illogical.

Illogical came into our lives in 2006, a bundle of confident but calm gorgeousness. She never lost her calmness and was always gorgeous, and without a doubt was the "hound of my heart", so her loss this week from cancer, has been extremely hard.
I have found a few of my favourite photos of her, one at 15 weeks showing off her enormous character, another at 12 weeks with her grandfather fergus (who is still with us in his 12th year) and another when she won BIS at the Czech Bloodhound Club show, when we went there for our summer holiday 3 years ago.
The only comfort at the moment is knowing she has puppies from her 2 beautiful litters, who are giving their owners a lot of pleasure and who carry her unique character around the world. Her babies are in the UK, Australia, Germany, Hungary and Mexico, as well as the three who live here with us. We hope that her grandchildren who are due to be born very shortly, will continue her lovliness, and have her wonderful gentle dignity.

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