Sunday, June 10, 2012

They NOSE what to do!

The last few weeks has seen all sorts of training going on here. Forager is a few weeks into his training as a K9search dog, and really loving it.....more on that shortly. Today we decided to get Festive started on her tracking career (mantrailing) and she was in harness for the first time which didnt bother her atall, and then went on to hunt three short lines in the field, following Andrews scent, so we were very pleased with that.She showed a lot of enthusiasm and drive, so we hope that she will really love her work. (despite her rather grumpy expression in the photo!!)
We are delighted to be part of the newly formed organisation "K9search Dogs", and that Forager has started his quite intensive training. Its hoped that Baffle will also start his training in the summer. The K9Search Dogs website will be live very soon, so more on that in a future blogpost. Heres Forager posing for his official team portrait!

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  1. FANTASTIC...your stalker friend Michele