Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Time No See!

Ive been particularly remiss about updating the blog this last month. its not because very little has been happening, but more because LOTS has been happening and I dont seem to have found the time to sit down and catch up with my blog! So "Sorry" to those who I know follow with interest to see whats been going on. Ill try to fill in a few gaps!
Firstly its "Happy Birthday" to Vivid.......our oldest hound now, since dear old Fergus died. Here she is on her eighth birthday....still fit and trim and enjoying life to the full as you can see from the video clip Ive added.
As the weather has not been too warm, weve been able to get a lot of training in over the last three weeks, and that includes Festive with her trailing, which is going very well, and also Forager with his training with the K9 Search Dog group.
This week sees the very first show for Festive so weve been doing a little bit of show training with her.....but shes such a live wire its not been too successful so Im hoping its not too embarassing at the show! Isa is still patiently waiting for her hip/elbow scores to come back......we are hopeful they will be good and she can enjoy a maternity break in the not too distant future. As you can see shes pretty chilled about life! (photo above) and now weve started clearing out the old pond shes discovered its a good place for a snooze!
Vivid has also been busy posing alongside Cinnamon and Shelley (in Australia) for an international bloodhound calendar. Shes on the cover of the 2013 calendar as well as appearing alongside 6 other Farlap hounds throughout the years photos.
Last and not least.....all my hounds are now be back in the name of Miss S Clark for the purpose of shows and trials etc, and not in the name of Mrs S Sutcliffe.......I really dont want to be associated with the name any longer.

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  1. Loved the video clip of Vivid, it gave me a big smile :-) So nice to see the older hounds still full of beans. Our nine and a half year old hound is still going strong and long may it continue. Maxine