Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Away Days

Ive had a couple of lovely "away days" over the last fortnight. I went up to the Bloodhound Club Working trials last weekend, spending the night at Elsenham Court with Josh, Silas and Ezra, three Farlap boys who live there with their mum. It was a real joy to spend time with them, and they probably have the best life of any hounds I know!  Silas is a larger than life character who likes nothing more than waving to his fans. (see video!) Unfortunately Gerty didnt have a particularly successful line at the trials, and on returning to our vehicle, someone had tried to break my windscreen so we limped home and missed the rest of the day. Nice that so many people offered to help .

This week I had a visit to Harry and Bertie, two more Farlap boys, and spent a lovely afternoon walking around their fields with Forager and Festive as well. Harry (Farlap Constant) is litter brother to Candle and Cinnamon and hes like a black and tan clone of Candle!

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