Friday, May 3, 2013

RIP Gerty

A very sad time at Farlap, as this week we have said goodby to Farlap Gertrude, AKA "Gerty.
Those that knew her, would probably agree with me that she was one of the most charismatic, and undoubtedly stubborn hounds weve had. Her tracking ability was a real pleasure to watch, and she loved nothing more than going in harness and working. She had a short show career which included Top Puppy  of the year, and two res CC's, however she really didnt care for the showring, as she was very keen to show me by planting herself mid ring and refusing to budge on more than one occasion, so she was allowed to retire, and concentrate on her tracking, and, if fate had allowed it, we had hoped she would have been a mum this year. Sadly none of it was meant to be, and we lost her to the terrible gastric torsion, despite a very brave effort and hard work from our wonderful veterinary team, they couldnt get her through. Above all that, Gerty was a member of our family,  a huge character and has left a gap that will be impossible to fill. This is one of my favourite shots of her,as a puppy.

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