Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another month goes by

A month since I caught up with the blog, but its been a quiet month for us, a short holiday to stay with our lovely Scottish Highland bloodhound and beagle friends,
    and a shetland pony show with Reggie (we came 5th in the foal class) and that was it for November!!  No trials or dog shows to attend, infact nothing until next spring on that front, but I have to say Im not missing them!
We did have a photo shoot this week for the Western Morning News, for a forthcoming feature they are running on K9 Search Dogs and thought that the "out takes" were funnier than the finished result!! heres one to make you smile.....Jara trying to eat my hair clip and Forager trying to sit on my shoulders! Ended up just photographing Jara, but then he is a bit of a poser anyway .

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