Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good week, bad week

Last week was fantastic, as I took a trip over to CZR to see "Generous and Astrids" lovely LOVELY puppies. There will be quite a lot more about that soon. heres a little taster of my two favourites.
When I arrived home I took Vivid for her second scan, but sadly the puppies are not there now, so all our hopes for the litter are dashed.
The only thing that looks like a silver lining, is that we hope to mate Barvicka soon, so more about that as and when we know it.
The "C" litter are approaching their 1st birthdays, I cant believe how fast its all going, and how grown up they are. There are already 2 birthday party invites for Candle and Cinnamon so looks like they will have a better social life than us this month!!

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