Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

Yesterday saw us off to the BHC working trials, where Cythar was entered in Novice. In the words of the judge at the summing up "Cythar had the bumest of bum lines"!!! I think he was right as scent was almost non existant on our fields.......he hunted the 1st couple f fields but lost the scent and not helped by running into a stone wall at full tilt and nearly knocking himself out! After 15 minutes casting, I decided Cythar was only going to get disillusioned with it all so asked for assistance (ie the map) so i could put him back onto the line and hunt him into his runner, unfortunately the judges assistant wasnt apt at map reading and we ended up way too far left handed to pick up the line at any point or to give Cythar the opportunity to find his runner. i was very disapointed for Cythar, as when all else fails its vital a hound can do the last few yards of a line, and find his quarry, its so important for their confidence.
That aside it was a pleasant day out, and congratulations to David Gore, who was travelling with Cythar and me for the day, on his 2nd place with Emilia.

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