Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it was CASH we wanted from Iceland.......not ASH....

....and so still we cant get George on the plane yet. Next week hopefully, if normality returns! Nevermind, hes loving the sunny weather in Devon, and giving us all a lot of pleasure with his antics.
Gerty has now learned how to scale the puppy gate between their bedroom and the kitchen. Usually the pups are at least 4 months before they master this so obviously our Gerty is way ahead of herself! gracie mnaged to fall down the bank in the garden yesterday, giving her mum and me a fright but she picked herself up and was back to normal within seconds so no harm done. They met their 1st cow today......it was the other side of the garden hedge and stuck its head in to have a look at the puppies. Gerty had to bark at it....Gracie pretended it wasnt there and Gorgeous George didnt even notice it!

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