Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're collared!

The pups wore their new collars for the 1st time this week We dont keep collars on hounds atall at home, partly because of the danger, partly because they would eat them and partly because of the problems it can cause their necks.....however....the pups have to learn about collars so on their afternoons in the garden, under strict supervision, they have been wearing collars. the reactions have been hilarious and oh so typical of their individual characters. George who is sooooo laid back, just sits like a statue and refuses to move. His record today was 20 minutes! Gracie, who is so "precious" decided she didnt like the webbing one but would tolerate the leather one. I have no idea why! Gerty, in her typical fashion, didnt even notice she was wearing one and continued to terrorise all the others as if nothing was different!

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