Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not much news

Its been a very quiet couple of weeks for the hounds, which means not much news on the blog either......that seems to have disapointed some of our regulars, and one persons been visiting daily to see what weve been up to.....not to worry there will be LOTS of news very very soon!!
We had a panic 2 weekends ago when Gravity had another mini stroke, closely followed by a torsion, however both proved to be relativley short lived and shes back to her usual geriatric, grumpy self now. Then there was another trip to the vet for Tarnish to have a nasty tumour removed from her throat, but again, all appears to be OK now, and shes barely altered her stride!
The lovely warm weather has seen the hounds lying about the garden all day long, and just going for exercise in the cooler evenings. They really dont want to do much atall in this heat, but they have managed to get a couple of nice swims in the river.....however the combination of a half dozen wet soggy hounds and a camera isnt too appealing so ive yet to get any photos!I had this lovely photo of Harry (Farlap Curate) arrive today, in his favourite position on the sofa. Thanks to everyone who sent cards and emails to Bas for becoming a champion, its very sweet, and much appreciated.

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