Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2000 miles for a dog show!

Yes its true we are officially bonkers! We had a trip to the World Dog Show in Denmark this week, and it would be safe to say that the "show element" of the trip was a complete waste of time! Apparently I have been reading the wrong breed standard for over 20 years!!!
Never mind, you live and learn, and it was a great opportunity to catch up with some dear friends from across Europe, as well as Farlap Puppy owners from overseas, and to spend a few days in the glorious Jutland area of Denmark with Christina and Martin Bach, in their lovely home. Bas and Candle enjoyed their holiday, and paddling in the Danish Fjordes, as well as scaring the Belgians at the motorway services!!
Thankyou to Lars Madson (Denmark) for taking this photo of Candle in the ring.
Several people asked me this weekend, why Bas and Logics results and photos had been omitted from the Bloodhound Club Website, after their CC and resBIS wins at the clubs Championship show, when they should have been on there with the BIS information. Im afraid I cant give a definitive answer but would suggest that you look at who builds the website, and draw your own conclusions as to why they felt so unkind and petty minded as to leave out 2 principle winning hounds.
Im seriously considering giving up "facebook".....it seemed a great idea to play catch-up with various friends around the world but I find myself screaming daily at the screen when I hear people overseas going on about "lovely hounds" "fantastic big hound" "ooooh hes handsome" etc about hounds the see in photos online and they have absolutely no idea about!!! I find myself screaming at the laptop and telling them to just look at the flat feet, the curly stern, the lack of drive, the plain heads, the head PLAINS, the lack of lip, the short stride............but it appears some people cant see whats in front of their faces so theres prob not much point in allowing it to wind me up!!

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  1. " why Bas and Logics results and photos had been omitted from the Bloodhound Club Website, "
    I didn't have time that Sunday, but I updated the Show page the next weekend :-)