Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go for it Gerty!

Gerty had her 1st ever show today....the Hound Association champ show, where she won puppy bitch and best puppy in breed......she was very very good for her 1st time out and I was very proud of her. Candle was the hound from hell, and was far more interested in what was happening in adjacent rings, than concentrating on showing, but managed to win open bitch and a res CC.
Im a little unsure what type or movement the judge was looking for so will await the critique with much interest!!
The journey home was a 7 hour nightmare with every caravan in the UK seemingly heading for the South West, and that combined with me still being ill, it wasnt a pleasant journey!
However on arrival home there was a message from Lenka to say she had taken Isabelle to the Polish equivalent of Hound Association as well today (national polish hunting show) and she had been graded "Excellent" and was the "youth" well done (again) Izzy.......only a few days to go now !!
Thanks to lynne for this snap of Gerty today!
We also had news of Aust. Ch. Farlap Cautious who was awarded BIS at the Kempsey Mcleayshow last another big "well done"!!

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  1. Congratulations on all your wins - brilliant news.