Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pifle and Tripe!

Andrew was left in charge of the hounds today whilst I had to go on a job, and having slaughtered a rather nice steer yesterday he had the tripe on the boil in the Boiler when I arrived home this evening. As you can see from this photo, all the hounds are keeping very close eyes on the tripe being cooked!!!

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  1. gorgeous as always. Has Candle come in season yet? we cant wait to visit you next week, and are even more excited about our (hopefully) new puppy from you. Our flight is going to arrive UK at 3am :((( so we will stay in London for 2 days then be on our way to you and call you once we get nearer and its a more civilised hour! SOOOOOOO excited, and wish New Zealand was closer so we could visit weekly LOL Karen and Dave