Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sad Times

Well thats Christmas over and done with for another year, and as a non enjoyer of Christmas, it was never going to be much fun.....however this year was particularly sad as we had Farlap Linesman staying with us for a few days , and sadly his diabetes took a turn for the worse and he had to be put to sleep on Boxing Day. He was 12 years old, and a great little character, and will really be missed here and by my Mum, with whom he lived.
The rest of the Christmas period has been rather miserable as the ground thaws out, the mud generates yet more mud, and the hounds get filthy. Our lovely crisp winter walks in the fields are now more like daily mud baths, and so we are hoping the cold smap returns soon. Logic is getting seriously fat, in her last few weeks of pregnancy and like us, is not enjoying the damp muddy conditions.

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