Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Generous in name. Generous in nature

Another sad day here, and not a good start to the year atall, as we had to say "goodbye" to our beloved Generous (Ch. Farlap Generous) today, and let him go to sleep.
He was from the third litter bred under the Farlap affix, and wasnt even destined to stay with us, but at 8 weeks old I decided that the family he was due to go to, werent really the right people for him, and so he stayed here, and was named "Generous" after the great bloodhound Cammonstone Generous, who I had always adored and admired, and I was so grateful that Jane didnt mind another hound taking the name so soon after her boy. Generous went on to become a champion despite his dislike of the showring. After his 1st CC I made him a promise that if he could just make an effort and get a couple more, then I wouldnt take him to any more shows......well he did get a few more CCs and I did take him to just a couple more shows, but after that I let him enjoy his role at home as "king pin" and chief puppy wrangler, as that was what he liked best. he also competed in working trials, attaining a certificate of merit, but most importantly of all to me, he was a very loyal and loving boy who always wanted to be with me whatever I was doing around the house, he was like my shadow. He will be hugely missed.
Losing two dogs in just over a week has been heartbreaking here, and certainly we havent felt like celebrating any of the New year. On top of that Im laid up in agony with a tooth abcess which cant be dealt with until the end of next week, so if anyone calls or emails this week, please dont expect a sane answer!

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