Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who's looking at ya baby?

At last the pups eyes are starting to open....I always feel this is such a milestone and love it when those little dark slits appear, and they look at you with everything clearly out of focus for a few days....then the penny drops and they mug you everytime you enter the room!
As this is such a crucial stage in their eye development, I choose not to use flash photography or add a light source while they are so vulnerable, so photos will be a bit limited for a week, although ill try to get some in natural light where I can.
Meanwhile the other hounds are hanging around and waiting for something exciting to happen.....they are not overly impressed with me spending so much time in the house with the pups when I should be outside entertaining THEM! (L-r Tarnish, Isabelle and Barvicka)
I recently discovered there is someone in the breed, who has stolen a photo from my website and is using it on theirs to advertise their less than pleasant breeding activities......I am advised this person is a reknown puppy farmer........ I will be taking action for copyright theft.

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