Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cinamons day out

Yesterday was a day of two halves. The first tinged with a little sadness as we waved Winnie (Farlap Faithful) off to her new home in Scotland, with her lovely new family. The second half of the day was a little better, as we went off to WELKS championship show, where Cinnamon won Open Bitch and the bitch CC. This was her first big championship show, and there was lots for her to take in and she dealt with it extremely well, so I was immensley proud of her. At this same show, both the Basset and the Bulldog CC winners, decided they would not challenge for BOB, as a stand of solidarity against the KC's discriminatory new regulations, an action I wholeheartedly agree with, as do almost every other person Ive spoken to about it. Therefore I did not wish to challenge for BOB. However, sadly the dog CC winner was not prepared to show unison on the matter and wanted to challenge, and as there was not time to find out the exact rules, and whether a BOB could still be awarded if only one winner was present, I felt that I had to compete, VERY reluctantly. To say I was disapointed at this lack of unison in the breed, over something as trivial as a BOB, is an understatement, and Id like to thank the many people who have since been in touch to say they felt the same. Extra congratulations to the Basset CC winner who is also a bloodhound exhibitor......Im glad there is another bloodhound person with backbone.
I couldnt get a photo yesterday, so heres Cinnamon pictured in February. photo courtesy of and copyright of Ev Burnside.

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