Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to reflect

 Helping with the gardening
 Do I look cute?

I used to be able to get through this gap!

The devil puppy.

                                                            Spot of gardening

 Always useful if you can gather firewood for the winter


                                             Catch me if you can!

AS you can see from the 7 week photos, the puppies are growing in size and getting more and more agile. They bring nothing but laughter to our home on a daily basis, but we know that all too soon they will start to leave us, starting with Fender and Frederik next week. Sad times ahead, but we know they are going to great homes and we will have lots of contact with them and their new families. On an even sadder note this week has seen two losses in the bloodhound world. Firstly Sally Denton who used to own "Robinswood" bloodhounds, and from whom my first bloodhound Robinswood Undercover came from, and secondly yesterday the devastating loss of my dear friend Helen Powell, who lived just a few miles away and who leaves her husband Dave and beautiful Trailfinder hounds behind. What a loss for us all.

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  1. Beautiful puppies!

    I am sorry to learn that Helen has passed away, that is very sad news indeed.