Wednesday, August 28, 2013

things come in threes.

Well its been a bit of a sad month for us. Last week we had the news of the loss of Farlap Trailblazer who lived with his lovely family in Chesham, I know how much they will miss him and he was a great trialling hound who gave Jo and Tony so much pleasure, and Im glad I got to see him one last time and have a cuddle in June. This was preceeded by the loss of our very own Farlap Damson. now Damson was truly the queen of the sofa, and ruled the household with a rod of iron. Every single Farlap bloodhound that has been born, has grown up with "Auntie" Damson, the matronly deerhound who made it her life mission to educate puppies!!! Our big grey hearthrug will be sorely missed, and she was the grand old age of 13 when sadly old age caught up with her.
One final bit of disapointing news is that the much awaited litter that we had planned and planned so carefully has not happened as sadly Candle is not pregnant. this has come as a huge blow to us as we doubt we will  be able to get to use this superb European male again. I will be writing /phoning individually to all those people who were on our long waiting list.....I know there will be a lot of sad and disapointed people, although none so much as us today.

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