Thursday, August 1, 2013

Times like these......

We have had two really sad calls from Farlap puppy owners. First was from Wales where Scooby had lived for nine years of rural bliss on the edge of his own mountain, and where he sadly passed away after a short illness. We know Scoobys owners were so dedicated to him, and are missing him so much after such a long time in their lives. As if that wasnt bad enough we then heard from Baileys family, the dreadful news that they had lost him the day before to torsion.At 4 and a half years, this is such an awful shock , Made worse by the fact they did  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING right in recognising the classic symptoms of torsion and getting him veterinary attention immediately, hnowever,despite two trips to the vets, the VETS did not recognise the problem. Baily, affectionately known to his family as "Baby Baily"....despite being a whopper lol, had the most devoted caring home I could have asked for for  puppy and I can only imagine how sad they are feeling right now, missing their BB.
Ill try and lift the mood by sharing this really great advert from Russia, of Ch, Int Ch, Grand Ch,Farlap Guesswork who has been very successful in the showring for his owner Maria. He is also a much adored family pet on his days off!

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