Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do woodcock wear socks?

Up until my mishap last week the training of young Tennant was going great guns & we decided to introduce the dummy launcher.
This innocent piece of equipment is actually capable of putting a satellite into orbit...its so powerful...and its taken quite a few attempts to calm down the height and distance to something suitable for a 4 month old pup! Anyway.....Tennant decided that the launcher dummy wasnt to his liking...it just wasnt the same size/colour/weight as his other 4 dummies and he jolly well wasnt going to fetch it or even look at it! So A. had a brainwave and told me to take off my sock!
Once the dummy was wrapped in my sock ......a) it flew less distance and b) Tennant loved retrieving it. So...the question is....do woodcock wear socks and if not....will he ever retrieve one??!!


  1. I think woodcock prefer stockings, it's pigeons that wear socks ;-)

    See "my boy" is doing well - onto the dummy launcher already! I've let mine off near Daisy but not given her a retrieve. Of course her ladyship doesn't flinch

    If he takes after his Mum retrieving Woodcock should not be too much of a problem.

  2. ahaaaa....but......does "yours" drop to the noise of it yet???...thought not!!! Mine does :)))))