Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going Under Cover

Poor tennant has gone undercover........hes very fed up that a) its continuously raining and b) my Mothers Border terrier (Leo) has come to stay for a week.
Leo was OK for about 24 hours but now hes grumpy and pinching the best spot on the sofa. The rain has put paid to Tennants garden meanderings as our acre of lovely lawns and shrubs now resembles an acre of mud bath! Tennant has decided hes not coming out of hiding until Leo has gone home and the rain has stopped!
The hounds have all got webbed feet from all the rain, and another 2 inches forecast tonight...oh joy!
My crocked back means that walking is nigh on impossible at the moment so its been especially difficult to get them fit enough for their overseas shows in a weeks time.

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