Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday bash

well its been a social whirlwind this week! First the "twins" went to visit their brother harry for the day and party, party, party!!! On arrival there were sausages on sticks....I thought they were for our lunch but no....they were mouthwatering canine cuisine. ....and birthday balloons, which Cinnamon took a real shine to!
Well the girls gave Harry and his big chum Boris, a real run for their money for a few hours.....playing tag on the lawn and romping in the paddock. The piccies show harry having a grand time!
Today it was Watsons turn, and he brought with him his mentor "Barlow" who was less than impressed with the party. However Watson had the time of his life jumping in and out of the stream with his sisters and cousin barvicka, who was the appointed "adult" while we had our lunch.
Watsons mum brough with her, what at 1st glance looked like a large chocolate sponge cake but at 2nd glance (and 1st whiff) was a home made "liver sponge cake". its now hidden away in a cupboard with a queue of hounds sat looking at the closed door in anticipation!
Anyway heres Harry at the was just too wet today to get pix of watsons visit!

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