Monday, November 30, 2009

is it issssy?

Had a few photos arrive this week from Roborovski kennel, of our new baby Issy (Isabelle) who looks very sweet and has grown so much since i last visited her. I see that she is already trained to sit on sofas so she will fit in well here!!
iIs been a busy week here with 2 girls in season and causing chaos amongst the boys....if all goes to plan we hope to be mating Barvička very soon but more on that to follow shortly!
Also we have had a day at the vets doing some Hip and Elbow scores under the BVA/KC scheme, as part of our ongoing health testing programme.
Recent events have brought home to me how very very important it is to always endorse puppies papers before selling, no matter how well you think you know people,as it appears that they cant be relied upon to to the responsible thing when it comes to breeding.

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