Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just had this great photo from one of the pups from our "B" litter......heres Josh after a hard days gardening, with his dad asleep on the sofa!!
The old chestnut of "health testing" has seemingly arisen its head again this week. I would like to point out that here at Farlap we do elbow scoring on all our breeding hounds (KC/BVA scheme) and inline with the high standard I feel needs setting, they are all being hips scored as well. I cannot imagine why breeders feel insulted at being asked to do these two basic health tests, but apparently some are really taking offence!
Bloodhound Rescue: Im shocked to have been sent no less than 5 hounds details, all are languishing in rescue kennels. This is just so terribly sad as we all know how badly bloodhounds fare in such environments, and also theres the worry of who they will be rehomed to. Are there really such irresponsible breeders out there who wont take back the hounds they have bred, and take responsibility for their actions?

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