Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Panic Over!

Well im glad to report that Ben is safely home in his home in latvia, after his owner had to pay a substantial"ransome" for his safe return. He was hungry and dehydrated, but alive and otherwise unharmed. What a terrible ordeal.
Here in Devon Ive been doing my usual last ditch attempt to feign some kind of fitnes for the forthcoming "bloodhound working trials" and as per usual I am horribly unfit, ill prepared and staggering breathless from field to field with my back on its way out and feeling like Im on my last legs!! Cythar on the other hand is loving all the extra training and doing hour cold lines with relish....lets hope it continues into next week! Damson, despite missing her old friend Envy, is really reliving her youth with Andrews new pup....and his retrieving is coming on leaps and bounds. After the trials I hope to get him onto cold game, but this week Im having to concentrate on Cythars training rather than the puppy's. Whilst going through some old photos I found this one of the two family members we have lost this last month......Henna and Envy who were inseperable, and died within 2 weeks of each other.
Tennant is hopefully going to a show tomorrow and as the shooting season is about to start, and he will probably get rather scratched and marked over the next few months, then it will probably be his last show for the winter. I heard someone say the otherday that, despite buying a working active gundog breed, they had no intention of doing any gundog training with him. How very sad for the dog.

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