Monday, October 4, 2010


If you live in Europe and are offered an adult male Black and tan Bloodhound, please let me know.
A black and tan boy has been STOLEN whilst on a walk, in Latvia, and his owner is desperate to find him. We believe he has been stolen to be sold on, and anyone with any sightings or information please get in touch.
We are running a pledge system to help his owner be in a better position to offer a reward for information leading to his safe recovery. if you could spare just a £ or a $, please visit our page here!/pages/Pledge-a-reward-and-help-Inara-get-her-stolen-bloodhound-boy-home/164584066886026?ref=mf
No one needs to send any money at this stage......just to pledge it, should the situation change and a reward is to be paid out at some point. Im sure that people could miss one small open show and pledge their entry fees cost, or maybe go without that bottle of wine and pledge the cost? Just imagine how you would be feeling if it were your bloodhound that had been stolen!

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