Monday, October 25, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

What a great day we had at the Bloodhound Trials last week......I decided to only enter Cythar as to be honest Id been pretty slack on the training this autumn and only Cythar had had the hours put in......and he really loves a day out on his own, so off we trundled to oxfordshire.
It was the 1st trials since his accident and I was unsure how he would cope if other hounds or people crowded him, and several times I had to guard him from less considerate owners who allowed their hounds to barrell into him, however he DID cope and more importantly once he got out into the field and started his line, he was as happy as he ever was.He had awful terrain (although the line itself was a simple loop) with dry dusty drilled soil, devoid of any vegetation , for the whole mile long line, but he really worked it and found his runner with a great enthusiastic ID, so I was very very pleased with him, even if he didnt appear in the winners cards.
Flints training is coming on leaps and bounds and we had a vermin control session at the weekend, and he was mighty proud of himself when he made a 1st class retrieve of a tree rat!!!

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