Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad Boy Bailey

Oh dear, Baileys done it again!Bailys owners sent us these pix of Baily in trouble again (I believe hes been renamed Captain Chaos).....but how can you resist that sweet face??!! Previously known here on the blog, for his alcoholic tendencies,when hes not on the trampoline, or sniffing the lavender......hes helping to rearrange the soft furnishings.
Today has been spent meeting a lovely family who had spent some time trying to find a bloodhound breeder who cares about health testing, and breeding bloodhound puppies for the right reasons. I hope they enjoyed their visit, meeting the hounds, taking them in the field and generally getting jumped on and dragged about........judging by theeir faces I think they did! it will be great to see them again in a few weeks time....they may have been able to get the slobber off by then!

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