Wednesday, September 9, 2009

have you seen these bernese mountain dogs in devon ?


I have just been informed that two Bernese bitches went missing from their home sometime before midday today, Tuesday 8th September 2009.
The two bitches were left in a garden considered to be secure. The garden gate was shut when the owner discovered the bitches were gone, there was no sign of forced entry and no sign of an escape route.

Jazz is 3 years old.
Ellie is 6 months old and described as small and very lame.
Neither are wearing collars but are thought to be microchipped (that is not confirmed)
Both are friendly and will likely approach strangers and dogs.
All the usual local agencies are being alerted.
Please report any sightings to Louise Oakaby on 07807 977138 or her landline 01404 822655
If unable to contact the owner contact Jude at Bernese Welfare UK on 01787 371940

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