Friday, September 11, 2009


It was a disapointing day today. I was due to take F. Basnicky, F. Candle, and Logic to Richmond Championship show. However 2 days ago it was clear that Logics season was getting closer, and then yesterday Candle decided to start hers, then finally last night in the field, bas and his sister had a "mid-air-collision" resulting in him getting knocked into a ditch and hurting his leg.
hes pretty much back to normal tonight but certainly wasnt up to going to a show today. I dont think ive ever had all the hounds entered, unable to go before!
I was also meant to be collecting 6 sacks of dog food from David Gore, having been the successful bidder in the ABB aution at the weekend, and had to cancel that as well!
Talking of David, if anyone wants to see how a good judges critique should look, I suggest they read his write up from paignton Show. I wasnt entered so cannot be considered was just a superbly written critique, one of the best I have ever read, and there are many many experienced judges out there who could learn a lot from it.
Farlap Curate is off to the Expocan in Mexico tonight, for Mexicos biggest Dog Show circuit, so good luck to him! Hopefully his show weekend will be better than ours!

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