Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trouble with a capital T (or D)

We have ( had) a lovely pond.....2 levels, cascading water, fountain, marginal get the scene. occasionally the hounds would wade in it and upset a few frogs and reeds but nothing too serious. That all changed at the weekend when I heard WW3 breaking out in the garden. I went up there to discover a rat had burrowed through the wall, behind the pond liner, and it was closely followed by Drizzle the terrier! next thing I know, the whole pondliner has been trashed, all the water escaped, and Drizzle is in hot pursuit, trashing the liner as she goes. Looking at this photo of her after the digging had finished, butter wouldnt melt!
On a more positive note, we had a good mating today between Vivid and Cythar so are hoping for a good result.

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