Thursday, September 22, 2011

Days like these......

Days like these dont come along too often.......spending every moment doing something that the hounds and dogs love, good company,scrummy cakes & sunshine!! it started off well when the post arrived and in it was the certificate from the KC confirming Candle was a "Champion". Then Sharon and Bill (Newman) arrived with some lovely cookies and cakes, and walked a line for Gerty, which she flew round!  Its a real shame I havent had a chance to get her to her sheep test before the trials as she really doesnt enjoy being hunted leashed, and once the lead is dropped she flies ahead with great style; I think Im going to struggle to hunt her on a leash next month :(
After lunch we all went out to the fields and did some dummy training with Skarlat and Tennant. They are half brother/sister, and watching them work was really interesting, and Skarlats drive and tenacity rather impressive.
After dinner in the evening we took Flint out with the lamp to catch some bunnies for the ferrets breakfast, but sadly there were few about last night and he didnt get a run atall. Big disapointment for Flint.

Thankyou to Sharon for these two lovely photos of Gerty coming in at the end of her line, plus Skarlat & Tennant relaxing after their training.

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