Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tennant and Chips

Thought it was time that Tennant had some airtime on the blog, so here he is after winning reserve BOB at Cornwall Gundog Club show......posing by the pond and looking all gorgeous and handsome.
An interesting conversation at the show with a woman about microchipping, and she just couldnt accept that her "trained gundog" should be chipped as she said it was so well trained it would never leave her side.
"Well thats just fine, but what about if you have a car accident and the dog runs off in a panic from the scene" I said.......her answer? "Oh hes too well trained for that"!!!!!! Sometimes I despair about people and their stupidity!!!!! while we are on the subject, just a quick note to remind anyone interested, that I am a qualified microchipper, so if you would like your dog or your litter microchipped please dont hesitate to get in touch.


  1. sam, can you come and chip my litter of cockers please? pat meak

  2. Pat, give me a call and Ill pop up and do it.