Monday, September 19, 2011

Miss Dis-Graceful

"Farlap Graceful" is Gertys sister and we are lucky in that we get to see her quite often. It doesnt matter how cute and irresistable she was as a baby, she is certainly living up to the breeds reputation for being naughty in her adulthood and her owner has just given me an uptodate list of what shes managed to destroy/consume so far. No wonder shes been renamed "Dis" Graceful!!! It should be added that this is a hound thats never left alone, so shes not bored and alone, shes just a normal if slightly naughty bloodhound, so well worth thinking about before new owners take on this breed!!
Heres the list:
Large stones
Carrier bags 
Several dinners out of the cooking pot 
Sun glasses and Reading glasses 
Socks,Pants,Tea towels/clothes 
3 children's gates fixed to the wall
Laptop charger and Mobile phone 
Granite table 
The corners of the work top
 Rearranged the entire garden 
Several dogs beds 
Garden furniture the garden table was completely destroyed
Pulled the entire working of my rear lights from the inside of my golf 
Several boots wellies & shoes 
Oh and pulled down the lounge curtains
Not bad work in 16 months........and here she is with her partner in crime, a short legged one!

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  1. Dear Dis-Graceful, You're learning quickly and as you get older your tastes will be become more selective and you'll choose more expensive 'treats'. Only last week I had my third TV remote, which cost mum and dad 35 pounds to replace....again. Not to mention mum's glasses that she needs to drive, they were yummy with black frames that had 'Armani' written on them. And the red leather case was especially scrumptious!
    Mallow (Bloodhound aged 9 years)
    And Maxine who is still saying, 'Oh Mallow!' after all these years :-)