Saturday, September 3, 2011

Looking a little bit sheepish

Gerty has been doing some more sheep training today so that when we get a chance to take her for her stock test, she will be thoroughly used to them. Shes so used to seeing sheep on the farm that she doesnt take much notice, but of course once shes hunting and her adrenalins flowing it could be a different story.......hence the training regime! Todays damp weather has also been ideal for lines, and hopefully we will do some more hunting with her tomorrow, which will be much more enjoyable than trapesing all the way to Nottingham for the bloodhound show. We are sorry to be missing showing under a judge we respect so highly, but its just too far to drive there and back in a day, and I really am feeling a little tired of shows right now, with their pitifully low entries it hardly seems worth going.

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  1. please can you let us know the cost of a 15metre/yard tracking leash suitable for training with our new bloodhound puppy?
    Kat Ballard