Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Richmond Dilema!

We had a great day at Richmond Championship Show, which was only deflated by the number of absentees, that made the entry so poor. What a shame. Never the less we were thrilled that under Zena Thorn Andrews, Ch. Farlap Candle won her 4th CC and BOB, Farlap gertrude won res CC, and Farlap Baffled won Best Puppy. As Baffle hasnt had his mugshot on the blog for a while I decided to get some up todate photos taken of him, so here he is at 8 months old.
Going BOB also put us in rather a dilema about going into the group under a judge who has had a considerable influence over the potential future of our breed, and not in a way that I personally approve of...... My final decision was not to go under this judge, and fortunately every other bloodhound exhibitor I discussed it with, was in full agreement with my decision.


  1. Well done, Baffled looks fabulous and quite mature looking at 8 months. Good decision on not going to group.